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Blog: Resources For Visualization in Math

Online Resources for Math Visualization

We hope these resources help you and your student! If any links are broken, please email [email protected]

Illustrative Mathematics: Designed to foster conceptual understanding, Illustrative Mathematics emphasizes visual representations and real-world applications of math.

Eureka Math: Eureka Math, also known as EngageNY, incorporates visual models and diagrams to support mathematical thinking and problem-solving.

Visual Math Learning: An online resource, Visual Math Learning offers interactive lessons and tools that help students visualize and understand math topics.

Geogebra: Geogebra is a dynamic mathematics software that allows students to explore and visualize math concepts through interactive diagrams and graphs.

Khan Academy: Khan Academy offers video lessons and exercises that often include visual representations to help students learn and practice math concepts.

Math Is Fun: This website provides a variety of visual and interactive resources for learning math, including puzzles and visual aids.

Desmos: Desmos is an online graphing calculator that encourages students to explore mathematical concepts through dynamic graphing and visualization.

Math Circles: Participating in math circles, local math clubs or groups, can provide opportunities for hands-on, visual problem-solving activities that build math visualization skills.




Other Math Visualization Resources

Math Games and Puzzles: Incorporating math games and puzzles like Sudoku, tangrams, and logic puzzles into the curriculum can engage students in visual problem-solving.

Project-Based Learning: Creating math projects that involve designing, drawing, and visualizing solutions can help students develop strong math visualization skills.

Math Competitions: Encouraging students to participate in math competitions can provide opportunities for visual problem-solving and creative thinking.

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