Readying Arkansas for a lifetime of literacy
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Larry is a student of the Clark County Literacy Council in Arkadelphia. He and his tutor meet twice a week to work on his reading and writing… Read More

Sammy is a student at the Literacy Action of Central Arkansas. When Sammy King learned about Helen Keller at the age of 66… Read More

Armida Stokes was born in California to Mexican immigrant parents. She eventually settled in Arkansas, where she found that her ability… Read More
A few years prior to her retirement, Nancy Holland began thinking of how she could most effectively contribute her time and efforts… Read More

About Us

Adult Learning Alliance of Arkansas is the statewide non-profit that provides structure and support to county-level literacy councils serving adults in over 50 Arkansas counties. Click here to find out how we “Empower Arkansas Through Literacy”.

Did you know that in Arkansas, 13.7% of adults age 16 and older lack basic literacy skills (Health Rankings, 2015). Nearly 19% of Arkansans 25 and over (347,032 people) do not have a high school diploma or GED, and over 130,000 have less than a ninth-grade education (U.S. Census Community Survey, 2009). Click here to learn more about the status of adult literacy in Arkansas.

Helping Arkansans find a literacy program near them is one of Adult Learning Alliance of Arkansas’s key objectives. Click here to find a literacy program in your city or county.

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