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Celebrating Student Success with Ozark Foothills Literacy Project

Cole Turner’s journey to literacy and employment is a testament to determination and support. Despite facing learning disabilities, Cole, 27, took a significant step by walking three miles to the Ozark Foothills Literacy Project (OFLP) seeking help. Cole had graduated high school but did not have the reading and writing skills needed to pursue his goals and dreams. He approached OFLP for assistance in passing his written driver’s exam and finding employment.

Enrolling in the WAGE Burlington English program, Cole embarked on lessons to build his literacy and career skills. His dedication paid off when he landed a part-time job at a local steak restaurant.

With continued support from OFLP, Cole eventually passed his written driving exam, celebrating with exuberance and immediately sharing the news with loved ones. Buoyed by this success, he pursued further opportunities, securing a full-time night shift position at a local poultry processing company.

Despite his increased responsibilities, Cole remains committed to improving his literacy skills through the WAGE Burlington English program. His journey has inspired others, including a friend referred to OFLP for similar assistance.

Cole’s story demonstrates the transformative power of education and support. With each milestone, he moves closer to realizing his full potential, promising more successes not only for himself but also for his family and community.


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