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Empowering ESL Students to Find Their Voice

It’s no secret learning a second language is an amazing feat! However, it can be intimidating to speak a new language out loud. Many ESL students struggle to gain confidence in practicing their speaking skills. This week we are discussing how to empower ESL students to find their voice!

Use Icebreakers and Warm-up Activities: Start each lesson with engaging icebreakers or warm-up activities that encourage speaking in a relaxed setting. This helps students loosen up and build confidence.

  1. Provide Discussion Prompts: These can be worked into a lesson or used as an ice breaker! If your teaching a small class it’s great to pair students up or to have a discussion as a class. 

  2. Role-Playing: Use role-playing activities to simulate real-life situations where students need to communicate in English. This could include scenarios like ordering food in a restaurant, making a phone call, or asking for directions.

  3. Utilize Visual Aids: Incorporate visual aids such as pictures, diagrams, or videos to support speaking activities. Visuals can help students understand concepts more easily and provide context for discussions.

  4. Offer Feedback and Correction: Provide constructive feedback on students’ speaking skills, focusing on both accuracy and fluency. Encourage self-correction and peer correction to help students learn from their mistakes.

  5. Set Speaking Goals: Setting smaller goals is a great way to encourage students and build their confidence. It can be something as small and simple as ordering at a restaurant or asking someone for directions.

  6. Encourage Speaking Outside the Classroom: Encourage students to practice speaking English outside of class. Using a language app like Duolingo or Mango,  reading English out loud, or finding a conversation partner are just a few ways students can level up their speaking skills!

Check out our YouTube Video for Icebreaker and Warm-Up Activity ideas!


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