Equipping Learners with Literacy for Their Future
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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Arkansas Literacy Councils (ALC) is collaborating with the Arkansas Department of Corrections (ADC) and the Arkansas Department of Career Education (ACE) to improve the literacy of Arkansas’s prison inmates. ProLiteracy states that 75% of the inmates in State prisons have either not completed high school or are low literacy readers. In a joint effort with ADC’s Chaplaincy, we are striving to change this number in Arkansas.

Twice a year, ALC will visit the ADC Units to train literate inmates to be tutors. This is a two-day training session using the Laubach Way to Reading and Laubach Way to English curriculums. To date, we have trained over 40 tutors. With the structure of the Laubach Way to Reading program, these tutors have the tools needed to elevate an inmate to a fifth grade reading level, which enables them to more successfully prepare for taking the GED. With these skills in hand, those inmates facing reentry will be better equipped for reintegration into society.

Written by Heather Powell, Training Director


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